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Educational Platform


This is a complete solution for all the education-related requirements.

Some of the features are

  • Online school setup
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Live classes from our server.
  • Online Homework regulation.
  • Online admission and examination
  • Expense management
  • Time tables management
  • Fee collection and management
  • Inventory management
  • Library management
  • Hostel and transport management
  • Various report generations
  • Issuing admit cards and certificate.
  • Alumni records and event management

This product is designed for Academic institutes like Schools, Colleges and Coaching institutes etc.

Video Conferencing Platform

The iMeet product provides video conferencing facility. It enables you with HD video and audio collaboration. You can connect your teams and streamline communications.


  • As good as Zoom video conferencing with Zoom business plans.
  • The subscription fee is a fraction of costs compared to plans for businesses for Zoom, Meet, and Teams. It is way less compared to Zoom for Small teams, Zoom for Med Businesses and Zooms for larger groups and teams.
  • The video quality is superior even when the home internet bandwidth is comparatively low.
  • No session break after 40 mins of lessons or live coaching unlike free Zoom and others solutions.  
  • The best part it is completely free along with our school and coaching management system. 
  • It costs merely $3 per students annually for online school classes.  
  • For coaching institutes this cost just $ 700 annually for any numbers of students.
  • For schools, no computer hardware costs and no network engineer’s salary.

Complete peace of mind as 24X7 support at your fingertips. 


These QR Code are a fantastic way to market your brand, and if you’re a B2B business, you can take advantage of them to promote your company. For e.g., in digital retail business the consumer always seeks information in the real time. Our QrCode can help them enable that power even more by making the static information dynamic on every touch point possible. You can engage customers with special offers, coupons, or vital information mentioned in a QrCode, with an opportunity for them to revisit the products at their convenience.



  • Our dynamic secure QR code product is differentiated from an ordinary QR code.
  • Generates a structured and encrypted QR code format based on JSON and industry standard encryption.
  • Can store image and video references in the QR code, that are displayed or played when scanned. 
  • Generates QR codes via a web application and an Android App scan QR codes and displays structured data.
  • Enhance the security of any issued documents and can make the issued documents tamper proof.