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The COVID-19 Virus is imperiling the future of upcoming generations! – What weapon do we have?

The most threatening and quickly spreading pandemic of the era was first spotted at Wuhan China in 2019. Ever since its first discovery, our world has witnessed one of the worst days in its history. I can undoubtedly say 9/10 people who are reading this post are missing their office environment, late-night parties, road trips, and the list goes on and on which were part of our life. We can somehow say that we have enjoyed our life in an open environment and have experienced at least our old school days, but what about the little kids playing and sometimes screaming in your house wandering from room to room having no idea about how their future will be?

Let us just give ourselves a recap of what the education system has given us – Our Generation has heard about the first Cathedral school in 597 or 604 from Saxon Settlement United Kingdom or say the old Gurukul System in India (Yes, the image of some teacher standing under a tree and teaching the students sitting nearby). Here I have indicated only two examples of our education system but at every corner of the world, sharing of knowledge was a common trend we follow till our generation. Let’s take an example of some of the very first discoveries and inventions like creating fire or say the invention of the wheel. You can’t even imagine yourself sitting inside a Lamborghini or Volkswagen without the wheel, right?

But we do have Lamborghini, Volkswagen, and thousands of other companies. What we really need to think about is “What are the challenges the current young generation will face if they are restricted in limited boundaries?”. To this, we can sort out some important points of changes which the pandemic has brought to our education system:

  •  The students are now restricted to home as a result the education they are supposed to get at school is missing.
  • Earlier there was a completely different experience when students get to spend time with teachers at schools.
  • The competitive environment where a student study inside the class is now majorly missing when they only receive notes and study material from teachers on their mail/WhatsApp groups.

The teachers who were taking lectures at the class are now forced to limit themselves and focus on creating content (Here I would say, they describe the textbooks’ chapters and create a new book of study material)
Seriously, pinning out the problem was not my intention. I surely have solutions to it. Yeah, I mean it when I say it. There is one such tool that we use. But earlier when we were using that, we never thought that this pandemic kind of situation will ever exist in our life. If you are still thinking then let me break the ice for you- It is the online school management software that we use to maintain the records in schools. Just an integration of live interacting classes and online assessment we had in our product made us perfect to tackle the issue of education. Now imagine those little kids instead of playing obliviously day and night, starting to attend classes with their teachers on a live class session and doing its home assignments and preparing for assessments. At the minimum, he/she will get an idea of what needs to be done when the pandemic is over. We have been working hard and planning to give a complete package of tools that allow us to keep the learning environment of a child as pure as possible, filling the gap of unavailability of teachers in the physical form.

I hope we are on the same page when we think of our younger generation. And this is the perfect tool to fight through the pandemic for those little kids, who are still playing and enjoying their life to the fullest.