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Illumind Digital offers you to hire our Consultants and Developers on a full-time, hourly, or fixed cost project basis and manage them as your extended team.
We are 50% less expensive and 2x more committed than our competition. We try harder every day to learn, adapt and take ownership of the results. In short, we won’t give excuses and get the job done.

  • You can increase your profitability by over 50%.
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  • Start in one-week time, no minimum commitments.
  • Work with a team at a managed and secure network setup.


Quick summary of some of the different types of software Developers




Let our Laravel experts look after you, whatever your project requirements. We’ve been using Laravel since the beginning, and it shows in the quality, efficiency and detail of our work.We can help you design, build, and manage custom Laravel applications that help solve your most challenging problems and fit seamlessly into your current processes.Whether you need a bespoke Laravel-driven platform, or some simple updates to your existing Laravel solution, we can help.
You can do Laravel Extension Development I Laravel Customization & Integration I Laravel Web Development I Laravel Application Development I Custom Laravel Programming I Maintenance & Support I Laravel Extension Development.
php transparent


Powering nearly 80% of websites, PHP has established itself as the most popular server-side language. Here at Illumind Digital we cover a wide range of core PHP developments from simple scripts to complex, corporate systems.

Our experienced developers can provide completely bespoke websites, along with multi-functional core PHP applications to suit your needs. Through years of experience we have been able to make the most of PHP’s rapid development ethos.
So, whether it’s your new blog, a brand-new marketplace or something much more, our proficient development teams can deliver high-quality PHP based solutions quickly and confidently, so you can focus on your growing your business.

zend logo


Our expert Zend developers can help create secure, robust and highly scalable Zend solutions for your business.Looking to create best-in-breed eCommerce portals? Our Zend experts and eCommerce team focuses on creating attractive eCommerce sites with top, built-in features like cross-browser compatibility, data filtering, SEO friendly designs, and 3rd party integrations.
The Zend PHP Framework is an efficient solution that makes it easier to write, test and deploy complex code. It has features of static code analysis, dynamic code analysis, predictive analysis, and so much more.
We can do Portal Development,Theme design & Integration, Custom Business Solutions,Customization Services,Installation & Maintenance services.


CakePHP is a highly recognised open-source web development framework, eventually used to design and develop robust and scalable web development solutions. It is no wonder why developers heavily favour CakePHP, the framework offers extreme database access layer, for safety and security tampering protections, injection prevention, and XSS prevention;powerful scaffolding system that makes it perfect to go with small and complex systems
We have a dedicated team of Cake PHP professional who aspire to build websites that are technically the best for your requirements.
Maintain a competitive edge with cloud-based, responsive applications that look great on any device and can easily integrate with your data. From business automation to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development or web applications, we can develop all.


Symfony is an advanced web framework and a collection of classes coded in PHP. The framework offers structure, functions and tools for web developers to create complex web applications and enterprise-level web application or multi-level web development more easily and quickly which helps save time and effort.
You can do Website Design & Development I Enterprise Development I Web Applications Development I Customization & Integration I E-commerce Solutions I Social Networking Solutions.
Hire expert Symfony developers “On-Demand” and save time and money. Developers work as your extended team and save you 50% costs in the process.


With an in-depth knowledge of Python, Scrapy Framework, mySQL, Mongo Dbwe have professional who loves working on challenging projects.
Talk to us for your eCommerce solutions. We use Django, Python's free and esteemed tool, for building eCommerce sites. Since Python is secure, has multiple payment options, hosts an array of shipping features, enables database maintenance and is geolocation-driven, it’s perfect for your eCommerce projects.
Contact us for building robust, efficient and reusable applications with Python that provides several frameworks like Pyramid, Flask, Django, etc. Our developers are proficient in tackling major app development areas like exception handling, refactoring, design patterns, testing, and GUI app development, and can tailor services to fit your business needs.


We create Smart Applications, High-performance applications, and High-availability applications to help you reach your business objectives.
Use the Django REST framework (DRF) to power your iOS & Android mobile applications or provide access to your platform data through secure, stable, and well-documented web services and APIs.
Django is a perfect choice for the development of an MVP. It's flexibility and rapid development time make the Django web framework ideally suited to startups. This framework is scalable for when your product gains traction in the market.Our developers are avid follower of technology and a skilled professional with deep industry knowledge on Python, Django & Django REST API, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


Java development services include the full cycle of software development from consulting to project support. Our app maintenance and modernization clubbed with integration services forms our complete Java Development suite and by this means our Java programmers can make high-end applications that conform to your plans and business goals.
Our Java developers works in Java/J2EE/J2SE development, Enterprise Java development, Java Mobile & IOT development, Custom Java development, Integration services
We deploy collaborative approach in customizing Java-based application and web application to fulfil the business requirements along with the easy to use secure and use friendly mobile responsive website.We also deploy collaborative& integrated approach in customizing Java based applications.
node js

Node JS

If you’re looking to incorporate custom NodeJS into your workflow, we have the resources you need. Our in-house team specializes in creating custom-made NodeJS applications for small to large enterprises. We have industry experience in AJAX and JSON communication, real-time web socket programming and rich web application development suited to your specific business needs.
Go for better business with NodeJS eCommerce development services, offered by our qualified team members. We have skilled NodeJS developers who offer quick and scalable eCommerce solutions like integrating cart, suppliers, shipping, payment gateways, inventories, logistics and product catalogues in your e-commerce site.



React JS

We develop tailor-made React Web Applications for all the niches. We develop applications for several industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, travel, finance, and education.
Power your eCommerce site with ReactJS. For features such as Shopping Cart, Product Detail Page, Product Faceted Search, etc., ReactJS components are used extensively for fast rendering and to offer a seamless experience for the users.
For hybrid mobile games, we choose ReactJS for its robust and efficient architecture. ReactJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript library that allows developers to build highly responsive and interactive UI sans hassle.

Angular JS

Talk to us if you want to get top-notch solutions with AngularJS. Our developers are adept at creating applications that offers high-end UX standards. We use “Backend as a Service” applications such as Firebase that eliminates the need of having a custom backend. This helps in cost reduction and enhanced maintenance. Our Angular team also reuses codes and components to ensure the faster development of your application.
You can allow us to provide high-quality applications that cater for a wide range of business requirements. We’re experts at bringing slick, engaging and readable applications quickly to market, allowing you to focus on what’s important.


jQuery boasts simple syntax and efficient code. We’ll leverage the power of jQuery to bring you dynamic and powerful web pages and applications.
We use jQuery to scale your app or website for maximum efficiency. Because we can develop specifically for multiple platforms, we make sure that you can scale the code to fit the needs of a phone, tablet, or desktop. The applications we develop are optimized for speed and functionality across all platforms.
Our experts can use HTML5 and jQuery to develop high performing mobile applications and websites. Due to the efficient nature of jQuery, we can bring you these results quickly, without sacrificing functionality or power.




Our Magento developers can help you create an enterprise site with streamlined product catalogues, integrated analytics tools, SEO friendly features, order management systems, multi-store management tools, third-party plugins through Web Service APIs, and more.
Right from integrating complex shipping channels to customizing order processes to managing catalogue systems, our Magento professionals are proficient in all. Starting from outlining a strategy to designing your B2B solution, our qualified Magento developers work towards every aspect of your business. We help create a secure site that comes with intuitive product pages, pre-orders, bulk orders, recurring orders, negotiable quotes, etc.
woo comm


We develop customized features for your online stores so that your business gets the edge it needs. We create new templates, add functionalities, and apply styling with simple CSS and HTML to help you optimize sales.
Our talented WooCommerce team is adept at handling cutting-edge eCommerce sites. Our creative UX/UI designers are capable of creating fully-featured websites that are visually appealing and bring value to your business.
We create new orders, build reports, manage existing products, add new products, and update products, through WooCommerce API integration. We also help connect your PHP app to a WooCommerce store via the REST API. We manage every aspect of your online store through API integration.




Our experience and expertise ensure we create complex web applications which are customizable, SEO-friendly and mobile-first. Our team of ace Drupal developers have created high performing websites that come with unique designs and layouts, efficiently and cost-effectively.
Our well-rounded Drupal team takes a multidisciplinary approach to build fully featured eCommerce sites with well-defined workflows, lists, data structures and displays. We provide unparalleled flexibility while creating eCommerce sites that come with functionalities like shipping, inventory management, order management, line items, payment gateways, and more.
We offer integration with legacy systems, API and web service and third-party integration, CMS and CRM integration and custom development.
word press


WordPress powers an astounding 27% of the Internet, providing adaptable designs and features to customise your website however you’d like. Simply choose your theme, pick a domain, select a plan, and start building your future. It’s as simple as that!
We can help you evaluate your business needs and create impressive WordPress sites for mobile devices, PCs and big screens. Our developers can come up with Agile development methodologies to offer you tailored WordPress.
For your next API development requirements, we can integrate third-party tools and systems, like Google Maps, Google Analytics, Mail Chimp, etc., through API integrations, to make your site extensible.


flutter transparent


Looking to build eye-catching Flutter apps with new widgets and attractive UI? Choose from our team of expert Flutter app developers who have the solid technical proficiency to take care of your project. We build high-quality mobile apps that runs seamlessly on Android and iOS.
With us, be assured to get powerful Flutter hybrid apps that run smoothly on web and mobile to offer your customers the ultimate digital experience. Hire our Flutter app developers who are adept at using quality code libraries, geolocation, camera, accelerometer, and other platform-specific functions, to create bug-free and scalable hybrid apps for different App Stores.

React Native

This Framework Is for building mobile applications for both IOS and Android.We are well-versed in delivering customized solutions using React Native that cater to your specific target users. Our React Native team designs tailor-built apps that can meet your company’s objectives.
Our React Native team with end-to-end iOS app development skillscan create rich apps for iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. We can efficiently handle the entire iOS lifecycle, right from the designing phase to the maintenance.
Get world-class Android app development solutions through our expert React Native mobile app developers. We have a full-stack team of React Native programmers who have a strong command of building high-end Android apps for tablets, smartphones, wearable devices, and Android TVs.


Interested to build customized Android apps? We can offer you diverse solutions to custom-build your app that runs seamlessly across all Android devices. Our certified Android developers have brilliantly created numerous custom apps for a mix of industry verticals within a short time. We’ve efficiently addressed specific business requirements of small and large companies using the latest Android SDKs.
We have extensive experience in UI/UX design. We’ve been consistently focused on creating reliable and power-packed Android apps that render awesome user experience. Our talented UI and UX team closely collaborate with you to help you visualize your Android app.


Contact us if you’re looking to build user-friendly and feature-packed iOS apps for diverse industry verticals including Education, Logistics, Retail, Travel, and more. Our iOS experts have the proficiency to build advanced algorithms and provide architectural leadership while creating your iOS apps. We have broad experience of leading full lifecycle of iOS app development, right from whiteboard through store release.
We’re an avid team of iOS engineers and developers, setting an indispensable iOS development unit in India.
If you’re looking for compelling and futuristic app layouts and designs for your iPads, iPhones and other iOS devices we have a deep industry understanding of developing attractive prototypes, interfaces, and custom-made POCs for your iOS apps.