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Testing & QA

Testing & QA

Improve your Business Resilience with Full Range of Independent Quality Assurance Services

QA testing is the process of ensuring that your product is of the highest possible quality for your customers. Our test team will use all testing techniques to prevent issues with your service or product and to ensure great user experience for your customers.

Our quality assurance (QA) testing methodology will ideally combine automated tests and manual testing. Test experts will determine which type of test is most relevant for each aspect and stages of the product.

Manual testing will allow us to cover a wide range of conditions and scenarios. The feedback of the testers regarding the experience and feel of the app will prove invaluable. Manual tests are preferable for exploratory testing, usability testing and ad hoc testing.

To save time whilst testing, manual testing can be supplemented with frequent automated tests. Automation is the most appropriate solution when performing regression tests, load tests, and other performance-related tests.


Functional Testing

We understand the software objective, specification, and use cases; and provide quality black-box functional testing. It would be performed using manual and automated testing. Our manual tests are performed by highly skilled and experienced testers who represent different user-profiles and use a wide range of devices and operating systems.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile Apps are evolving fast and hence need regular functional and regression testing.

Since they work in an extremely diverse and unpredictable user environment, they need special attention to non-functional testing. We have a library of thousands of such test cases to ensure that you cover most scenarios.

Automated Testing (Web and Mobile)

We can automate functional testing and provide a sustainable regression testing framework to reduce the total cost of quality assurance across the lifecycle of the software.

API Testing

In a world of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), it is critical that your APIs work as expected for functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

Scalability/Load Testing

Your software needs to scale, and we help you test its scalability through various simulation tools.

Security/Penetration Testing

Our security testing practice checks for known vulnerabilities and conducts penetration testing to help you discover and fix known security issues.

Incorporating agile methodologies

Adopting an agile methodology that incorporates testing into a series of short development cycles is the best QA practice worth considering.

Agile methodologies make sense in the context of developing mobile apps, given that these products typically have short development cycles and mobile users have extremely high expectations regarding quality and frequent updates.

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are strategies that complement the agile methodology. We will incorporate a continuous testing strategy for CI and CD.

Testing Technology Stack:

1. Functional Testing Tools: Selenium, Appium, Katalon Studio

2. Load Testing Tools: Jmeter, HP LoadRunner

3. Security Testing Tools: Burp Suite, Zap Proxy, SQL Map