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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Today’s businesses need a technology partner who can talk about business and technology in the same conversation. With fast-growing and ever-changing market dynamics, most businesses are facing challenges to be more competitive and innovative. The IT Consulting services by Illumind Digital will empower your business to stays ahead of the race in terms of technology adaptation and lead the market ahead of competitors. In today’s world, the support of a robust IT consultancy has become a necessity for organizations, so that the business process can run smoothly while boosting the business agility. At Illumind Digital, an experienced IT Consulting team will provide you with the a highly secure, highly available technology platform that you need to support your business operations and provide you with a competitive edge. We can help define and align your IT Strategy, deliver the right skills and expertise, save you time and money, make complex projects simple and protect your valuable business data. We will build a solid network and seamlessly transform your business to achieve in a competitive marketplace.

Our IT Consulting services

IT Service and Management
Business Architecture
Software Architecture
Application Design Services
Application Development Services
Web & Mobility Solutions
eCommerce Consulting Services
SME Enterprise Transformation Service
Project Management
Application Security Consulting
Big data and Analytics Consulting
Platform Migration Services
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Agile Product Development
Content Management Solutions (CMS)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Supply Chain Management Solutions
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Business Values

Reduced Risks and Redundancies
Reduced Time-to-Market
Optimized IT costs
Improved Delivery Efficiency
Reduced Operational Expenditure
Improved SLA (Service level Attainment)

Startup Consulting

Accelerate your business growth with the help of our guidance, choose our startup consulting services to let your business grow bigger.

> Startup strategy to Kick off right

Illumind Digital offers unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, practical solutions, and real business insights in our startup consulting services. We help you to identify the most critical next steps, help them get executed and advice for greater return on investment. Check out what’s in our startup consulting services in UK, USA and in India.

> Validate before you build

We ask the big questions starting from who is your customer, what problems you are trying to solve, how does your product solves the market problem, and what are the key features that might give you a head start.
We encourage you to start with a business model canvas which is a one-page strategy consulting for startups describing the high-level strategic details of your product vision.

> Value proposition

We help you craft a compelling value proposition being one of the most important steps in developing your product and business. We include this step in our small business consulting services. In essence, your value proposition should always:
~ Explain the problem your product solves or the value it offers.
~ Directly speak to your customer.
~ Pass the “so what” test answering why your customer should care for your product.

> Test your assumptions

It is the potential buyers of your product to start with for lean market validation. As one of the trusted startup consulting firms, we know the struggles of startups. Hence, we recommend after you pen down your assumption list, reach out to a sample of your potential audience to check if they resonate. A few well-phrased questions can yield interesting customer insights

> Translate your value proposition to the product roadmap

A roadmap is a strategic-level blueprint for converting your value proposition into a product. Think about your roadmap and milestones, not just in terms of feature list but from customer value stand-point. A few minutes of research based on the data gathered on your target audiences’ persona help you prioritize features and fixes.

> Planning and Documentation

From a naive business idea on a scribble pad to a solid document articulating feature scoping, use cases, and milestone definition, we lay out the scope of your project along with your collaboration. And this helps in making lesser mistakes in the journey. This makes clients trust us as one of the leading startup consulting firms globally.

What we do and what we offer

> Startup Mentoring

We love Startups and have been working with entrepreneurs across the globe creating disruptive technology innovation.

> Product discovery

Initial research to get to the crux of your product concept with an expert cross-functional team, considering the user and business needs using a framework.

> Market validation

Collaboratively develop questionnaires to test and validate assumptions of your end-users. Interesting insights should lay the foundation of your product vision.

> Documentation and roadmap

Our experts jot down the feature list, project roadmap with detailed milestones, and sprint planning. This brings everyone involved in the project to a consensus.

SME & Enterprise Consulting

You need to choose the right solutions for the accelerated growth of your business with the guidance of our experienced team for enterprise technology consultation services.

> Solving Enterprise level challenges

Technology is instrumental in supporting your business needs as it evolves over time. With the right combination of software, you can successfully solve the toughest business challenges within the standard workflows. Our SME and enterprise consulting services in India and UK will help you on that journey.

> We will assist you with the following

Technology is instrumental in supporting your business needs as it evolves over time. With the right combination of software, you can successfully solve the toughest business challenges within the standard workflows. Our SME and enterprise consulting services in India and UK will help you on that journey.

Architecture evaluation and gap analysis Our experts will conduct interviews with stakeholders to collect information about the organization’s IT and the environment it operates in. We will perform the context analysis and indicate main gaps and areas of improvement, based on the acquired data.
Assess, identify and mitigate business continuity risks Before we proceed, our team will identify the risks involved with your idea, assess them, and reduce the future roadblocks in enterprise software development and deployment. We’ll perform assessments based on the data acquired on the first step.
Help you choose the right combination of technologies Be it for mobile, web, or anything custom, our enterprise business solutions, and consultation is a package that identifies your requirement, the kind of audience your target, and then provides you the right tech stack that supports your application for a longer run.

> What we do and what you get

Successful modernization efforts address people, processes, and technologies currently in place and develop plans to reduce risk, promote adoption, and realize the benefits. We’ll get to every step with a robust digital enterprise consulting planning.

Planning Appoint team Develop charter, establish protocols Develop a high-level plan Project charter document High-level plan for modernization
Assessment Conduct inventory Determine performance deltas Assess readiness Inventory of current asset Report on readiness
Execution Identify cross-functional initiatives Develop scoring rubric Execute initiatives Modernization guidance Modernized systems
Measurement & Tracking Capture and report metrics Reports depicting success, failures and lessons learned using performance metrics