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We Help Build simple to very complex custom solutions and products, solutions based on off-the-shelf products. Deliver all within your budget and in keeping with your deadlines with cutting edge tools & technologies.

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We have expertise in diverse tools, technologies including the following mentioned within various business domains.
Our developers, designers, architects and managers make sure that the delivered products meet your enterprise needs, for which they highly customize it and embellish it with innovative features.
Our Digital Marketing specialist can help you with digital marketing strategy. Make sure that whatever marketing activity you do, it is aligned with your goals and objectives and marketing techniques are implemented accordingly.

Digital Technologies
Technologies Brief Description
  • PHP is cost-free with no license fee or third-party charges making it a better choice for most business owners.
  • Built for the Web – PHP is fundamentally an Internet-aware system with built-in modules.
  • Scalable – PHP can be deployed to scale horizontally to accommodate additional users and traffic without any decline performance.
  • As of August 2019, PHP was used as the server-side programming language on 80% of websites.
  • Cross-Platform – PHP’s cross-platform integration is excellent as it can work on different platforms such as Linux, UNIX, Solaris, and Windows.
  • Rapid Development -PHP offers several frameworks for Rapid Application Development including CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Phalcon, and Zend Framework.
  • Laravel comes with a model-view-controller (MVC) pattern and high-end architecture, documentation in Laravel is neat and organized.
  • It has Object-oriented Libraries. It his Blade Template Engine, which helps developers display data easily and even extend web layouts without slowing down application speed.
  • Zend follows open architecture based on Middleware or MVC, following PHP-FIG standards.
  • It is Secure, framework is built with security best practices. It stores passwords using bcrypt, encrypt with AES-256, and more.
  • Zend is Enterprise Ready. It has a proven history of success running business-critical and high-usage applications.
  • MVC, the architectural pattern in CakePHP, is highly flexible and scalable and makes data handling a very easy.
  • It supports ORM instead of writing strictly in SQL statements.
  • Symfony is a user-friendly PHP framework. Developers can reconfigure or reuse the bundles as per project needs.
  • Symfony experts can add custom modules in the application and have full control over the configuration of application development.
  • Python comes with huge standard library, building business-critical applications is easy with Python.
  • This language helps in getting applications to market fast.
  • Django is a free, open-source, high-level Python-based Web Development framework that allows you to build clean and practical apps rapidly.
  • Versatile – Companies, organizations, and governments have used Django to build all sorts of things — from content management systems to social networks to scientific computing platforms.
  • jQuery is a library for JavaScript that we use to produce fast development solutions.
  • jQuery is simple, but powerful library with plenty of additional add-ons and Plug-ins to increase your website’s functionality websites so used for complex websites.
Angular JS
  • Angular uses HTML for defining the app’s UI. HTML is a declarative language and this declarative approach simplifies and speeds up the app development process.
  • AngularJS uses POJO so easy to bind AngularJS with other data sources.
  • It follows MVC pattern
React JS
  • ReactJS is component-based so quick and easy to translate designs into code.
  • ReactJS can render on the server using Node, which means that search engine crawlers get to see the web application in its final form, making it much easier for them to index it properly.
  • Rich iOS apps can be developed without big teams spending their time and money on in-depth research work.
  • iOS apps are clean and crisp, which makes app designing easier, faster and better to create simple, clean and real-world iOS apps.
  • Intuitive User Experience-iOS offers a fantastic user experience that is unparalleled.
  • The free iOS Software Development Kit (SDK) makes app designing and development very efficient and accessible.
  • Unmatched Security -iOS is a robust platform that comes with top-class quality control standards.
  • Specialized Device Focus -iOS platforms do not permit the integration of third-party plugins and addons that have questionable quality.
  • Open-platform- Android is very popular OS with open source code.
  • Time-to-market – Offering an easy integration of desired features, Android platform facilitates quicker app development.
  • Mashup Compatibility -Android apps offer mashup compatibility. By combining libraries or services (i.e. social network and geolocation, contact lists and maps, etc.), developers can easily create rich Android apps that are cutting-edge and user-friendly.
  • Device Compatibility – Android apps run seamlessly on multiple devices, screen resolutions and sizes, including tablets, watches, phones etc.
  • Portability – Developers can easily port native Android apps, built with JavaScript, to other mobile operating systems such as Blackberry and Ubuntu. Migrating Android apps to Chrome OS and Windows 10 platforms is simple and hassle-free as well.
  • Market Share – The worldwide market share of Android touched 87% in 2019.
React Native
  • Cross-platform – React Native is suitable for cross-platform mobile app development. It will work seamlessly on both Android and iOS. Its components interact with native APIs, which means it looks and feels like a native app for individual platforms.
  • Fast Development and Cost-effective – React Native helps developers build applications at lightning-fast speed, thanks to the power of JavaScript.
  • Single Codebase for iOS and Android – With React Native, developers can write a single code base and deploy it for multiple mobile operating systems, like iOS, Android and Windows. Developers prototype, iterate and release apps quickly, saving them their precious time and cost.
  • Code Reusability – React Native is widely known for supporting code reusability. That is, programmers need not write separate codes for separate applications to suit independent platforms.
  • Access to Native Components – React Native offers a set of platform-agnostic native components like text, view, and image, that map directly to the framework’s native UI building blocks to create truly native apps with relevant functionalities.
  • Community-driven – The React Native community is huge and highly supportive.
  • Dart Simplifies Development – Flutter app developers use programming language, Dart. It’s AOT (Ahead of Time) compiled to native code that makes Flutter blazing-fast. Its declarative layout is easy to read and eases the development process significantly.
  • High Performance -Ideal for building complex designs, Flutter is an SDK that facilitates secure and high-performing iOS and Android app development from a shared code structure, Just-in-Time compilation for enhanced development workflow.
  • Hot Reload – Flutter’s hot reload features allow easy and smooth app development. It helps in injecting the source code files directly into the Dart Virtual Machine ant widgets helps the developers quickly view the changes in the code files without the need of any restart.
  • Super-fast App Designs – With Flutter, developers can design apps quickly and launch them fast. Flutter offers an extensive library of reusable UI building blocks, utility packages, and functions.
  • Customizable Widgets – It comes with a customizable and rich kit of widgets for iOS and Android. This helps developers to create refined, smooth and top-notch UIs with Flutter.
  • Expressive and Beautiful UI – Flutter’s fully-layered architecture helps developers control every pixel on the screen without letting the quality of graphics, texts or videos, get negatively affected, for high user experiences on both Android and iOS.
  • Popular CMS – Around 75 million websites use WordPress currently. It’s a great CMS for trade associations, educational institutes, non-profits, publications, government portals and of course corporate sites.
  • Easy Interface for Editors/Writers – Perfect for non-technical editors and writers, WordPress comes with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. Adding new content, images, links, pages and other data is easy with WordPress, making it a preferred CMS for most organizations across the globe.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost -WordPress incurs less set-up, maintenance and customization costs, which makes it an affordable CMS. Moreover, a quick expected time to launch makes this open-source CMS a popular choice among managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Mobile-friendly – Plugins such can help you create mobile-optimized WordPress sites.
  • Highly Customizable – Developers can create and modify different layouts in WordPress by adding features like image galleries, live Twitter feeds and event calendars. Moreover, developers can even customize sites by integrating tools like Google Analytics to track users, OptinMonster to grow email subscribers and Yoast SEO to make the site search friendly.
  • Secure – There are multiple free and paid options to invest in a secure WordPress template.
  • Mobile-first – Drupal is perfect for mobile-first designs and responsive sites. With Drupal, creating mobile experiences with responsive administrations, images, breakpoints, modules, themes and toolbars is easy.
  • Multilingual – The built-in language handling abilities in Drupal help the users get a localized digital experience.
  • Great Authoring Experience -Drupal helps you create custom content types tailored to your marketing arsenal. It not only helps editors create, review, edit and publish content, it also empowers the developers to structure metadata, tags and taxonomy quickly.
  • API-first Approach – By making Drupal API-first, you will be able to power leading-edge applications of various kinds, right from behind-the-scenes systems written in Java or PHP to front-end framework like React.
  • Scalability – Small scale applications to ones with a billion visits per day, with its API-first characteristics and integrated systems, Drupal is suitable for high scalability.
  • SEO-friendly – SEO Compliance Checker module to implement SEO best practices, Page Title module to add keywords into your title tags, and XML sitemap to make it easier for search engines to index your page.
  • Open-source Development – Powering more than 2 Million active stores, WooCommerce is managed on GitHub and it is open-source, which lets developers modify and customize every aspect of an eCommerce site.
  • Built on WordPress – WooCommerce is the most extendable, adaptable and flexible eCommerce solution that’s built on WordPress. Store-owners can seamlessly integrate this feature-rich Platform within WordPress to create out-of-the-box eCommerce templates and designs.
  • Over 400 Official Extensions – Right from order management, refunds, stock management, logistics and email management, track everything you need with the help of a variety of tools and extensions in it.
  • Documentation – Every API endpoint, hook, filter, major release and extension is carefully documented to help the developers make the necessary modifications and customizations, in terms of themes, payment gateways and more.
  • Integration-ready – Store-owners love WooCommerce because this platform is integration-ready which helps them add pricing, sales banners, products lists, tags, purchases, invoices, shipments, etc.
  • Custom-designed – Packed with rich and evolved eCommerce solutions, Magento powered sites provide a superior experience to the developers, store administrators and the end users. It is mostly preferred by established business and enterprises.
  • No Hosting-related Restrictions – Magento helps you choose your preferred hosting service for reliable uptime, improved loading speed and optimized website performance.
  • The Magento Community – Magento is a huge community of merchants, store owners, designers, developers, eCommerce consultants, agencies, and tech solution providers.
  • Third Party Components – Restriction-free integration of multiple third-party plugins helps in fast development and deployment.
  • Responsive Design – Magento incorporates HTML5 capabilities to ensure that the eCommerce store has a responsive design for mobile devices.
  • Multiple Stores – You can setup multiple stores through a single backend. You can customize and upgrade different templates, themes and subdomains from a single admin panel for efficient store management.
  • Fast and Scalable – Advanced caching technologies and database optimization techniques speed up Magento stores significantly with blazing-fast page loads, stability and high-end performances.
QA / Testers

QA is simply the techniques used to prevent issues with your service or product and to ensure great user experience for our customers.

Our QA testing team works in processes that would ensure that the product is of the highest possible quality for our customers.

IT Consultants IT consulting comprise business and technology services, technology consulting and IT advisory. As a practice we also focus on advising organizations on how best to use IT in achieving their business objectives.
Architects Architect designs and oversees the execution of specific solutions that align with your organization’s IT applications and IT infrastructure goals. Work closely with clients to help them articulate what they need and then work with technology team to make sure clients get what they have asked for.
Business Analysts Business analyst interacts with the stakeholders and subject matter experts in order to understand their problems and needs. The analyst gathers, documents, and analyses or interprets business needs and requirements. The analyst solves business problems and as needed, designs solutions.
Project Managers Project managers (PMs) are responsible for planning, organizing, directing, monitoring individual tasks for the completion of specific projects while ensuring projects are on time, on budget, and within scope.


Digital Marketing
Specialists Task Purpose
Content Writer Site Content
    • When you need a rewrite or fresh content
    • Background research
    • Up to 750 words
    • Draft for approval
    • Keyword research
Content Writer, Designer, Digital Marketing specialist Landing Page
    • Create a page that converts
    • Engaging Call to Action
    • Background Research
    • Draft for approval
    • Compliments PPC campaign
Content Writer, Designer, SEO Expert, Digital Marketing specialist Blog Posts
    • 2 blog posts/month
    • Keyword Research
    • SEO Optimised
    • Fresh content each month
    • Content planning